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Reflection of a new grandeur, a private, enclosed in the walls of the Moscow skyscraper. Scenographic solutions in the style of "modern doll," which opens the new demands of modern living.

Spacious living room with magnificent views of the city. On the left, the special finish reflects the mosaic of architectural details, such as the elegant spiral staircase in the shape of the cochlea, the sofa frame Tuffy-Time on B&B Italia is a great floor lamp Brave New World of Freshwest for Moooi.

From the neighborhoods of concrete - a typical residential complexes of the former Soviet Union - to luxurious skyscrapers. Thus, the transformed outskirts of Moscow, is initially invaded by houses, beehives, characteristic of its periphery. The architecture of the city begins to erase the traces of dying recent past, following the Western model. Range of building new and comfortable quarters in one of which is this big and flat: the attic, looking at the capital Moscow with the thirty-third floor. The hosts, a couple of young Muscovites who have decided to entrust its decoration and layout of 180 square meters Elena Solovieva and designers Ilya Klimov (Art Bureau “ Oneoverone”). Their job was to design every single element from a spiral staircase connecting the two levels of each apartment, to a large table in the dining room, made from sketches Art Bureau “ Oneoverone” on order at the studio of Igor Selivestrova, with the transition from bulk to the proportions of choice of colors . Every joint, every switch have been carefully chosen to ensure that nothing disturbed the general harmony of the interior. A long wall mosaic, reflected the living room area, located next to the spiral staircase leading to upper floor, and create something like scenographic scenes, leading on the one hand, in the bedroom, on the other - going to the kitchen, adjacent to the living room. Below - a series of low tables and Shu from Linteloo Madzholina longue, design 1947 Marco Zanuso for Zanotta.


In order to stay in one single solution with a new "vocabulary" of the Russian style, in which the word "modernity" is translated as the term "functionality", the word "beautiful" becomes synonymous with "practical", white gets shades, preserving, so Still, his characteristic brilliance, mirrors are broken and collected - by hand - in order to make a game of decorative colors, like a kaleidoscope. Classic style has not been able to achieve this level of compliance. The apartment consists of two impressive volumes, which include two features of housing: the lower level is designed for the high life of couples, hospitality, comfort, while the top - a small and assembled - private life, devoted to future children. Load-bearing elements of the ground floor of the attic are gray cast stone trim, based on quartz, and a large wall with stained glass, which, on a daily basis, gives the performance of the new city. However, on the second floor is dominated decor, cozy warmth of wallpaper, chosen in order to introduce the most striking elements of the project. Elena and Ilya were free in their flight of fantasy, and for this reason - there are no restrictions on the part of customers - they managed to give a lived-in atmosphere of the new apartment house, whose history is only just beginning.

In the kitchen central kitchen unit Schiffini, the choice of designers to style the basic monochromatic line chosen for the space of the living room. Nearly invisible, two doors are recessed into the long mirror wall. On top of another type of room the dining room: on the table, a collection of vases and bottles made of glass.

In the badroom the desk in a retro style with steel legs and a bedside table in lacquered white with an orange tree, a series of container from Marsel Wanders for Moooi, with vases of Venini and Driade. Chair of the Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW, Design Charles & Ray for Vitra.

The owners bedroom ground floor apartment. Return to the game of reflections, to mirror finish inlaid wings, separating the sleeping area. There is also an open space, but the door / curtain gives the room more intimate. On the contrary low furniture, "Reflected Wave" of Minottitalia, bed stuck with the base and head restraints, steering wheel and the rear side of the bed is made from a smooth lacquered wood, design by Jean-Marie Massaud for Porro. Hanging lamp from Panto, design, Verner Panton, 1977, at the present time the production Verpan.

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